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See What Vee Tweeted 4 Years Ago That Makes People Call Her A Prophetess

Vee spent most of her life abroad, but she is Nigerian, Yoruba to be precise, and even though she has a british accent, her yoruba is also very fluent.

Due to her new celebrity status, people, both fans and trolls went out of her way to dig out her old tweets way back to four years ago, when she was a teenager.

Vee who is very outspoken has said some things even while she was in the house that made people to believe she knows things she shouldn't know, and the fact that when Kaisha started going for Neo, she got evicted that sunday, and the same with Tolanibaj. Although all these are clearly coincidental, it has made people to say the celestial church she is going is very powerful.

Now, back to reality and facts, Vee made a tweet back in 2016, where she said

 "I deserve a husband that looks like Morris Chestnut".

The funny thing is, when Neo got into the house, the first time people saw him, they compared him with Morris Chestnut, Vee herself has told him a couple of times that he shares a resemblance with Morris Chestnut

Check out their picture.

Check out a picture of Morris and Naomi Campbell, who people have said severally looks like Vee.

E ven though her tweet four years ago is probably coincidental, nonetheless, it is a beautiful coincidence. Check out comments.

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