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See The Woman Living With 9 Big Dogs (Pictures)

We all know how much almost every human love dog, and we are also aware that dog and humans are very close. Humans loves dogs because dogs are cute, loyal and also makes humans happy. Dogs are well treated by most humans and they also feel at home.

It a very nice thing to own a dog, but it can also be very stressful and difficult because, dogs do not do chores you practically do everything for them. It can also be expensive to take care of dogs because you have to get your dog the right food.

A 29 years old woman, known as Mackenzie Makatche have great love for dogs, that she can harbour any breed of dog no matter the cost. She has 9 big dogs, her love for dog made her buy such number of dog.

She seem very happy whenever she is with her dogs, one dog can be stress and expensive to keep, how about 9 dogs. Her love for dog made her go extreme to keep such number of dog as they make her happy.

Her 9 big dogs are always well taken care of by her, I can imagine she go through to take care of all those dogs. 

See pictures below;

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