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She Said: "Mine doesn't do that and there's no need to wear pan ties"

Some women are considered so lucky because they have not suffered the way others have suffered so much in expelling discharges from the body.

I always think that as long as they enter puberty, all ladies will release some body fluids/secretions, which is based on biology teachings, but a Twitter user named Zinnia said her case is the opposite.

See her tweet below;

Is this even true? Well, I don't have to answer let's see what some health experts documented.

According to Cleveland Clinic, they describe female discharge as a clear or whitish liquid discharged from the female body. Discharge is normal, but changes in quantity, consistency, color or smell may indicate infection or other problems. Read More about this issue Here

Some Twitter user shared their experience, lets take a look at them below.

What are your thoughts concerning this lady's condition? Drop your comments below. 👇👇👇

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