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She Was 13 Years Old When This Incident Happened, Her Last Words Were "Goodbye Mommy"

She Was 13 Years Old When This Incident Happened. Her Last Words Were "Goodbye Mommy"

Omaryra was a 13-year-old girl from Colombian, she stayed with her Dad, aunt, and brother in a town named Armero near Nevado del Ruiz volcano

On 13th November 1985, a volcano erupted and caused a huge mud that buried the town completely. About 22,000 people died from the 31,000 people who dwelled in the area.

When the landslides destroyed Omarya's house, her aunt and dad died, she was trapped under debris and concrete.

Divers observed that Sanchez's legs were trapped under a bricks door, together with her aunt's arms held tightly around her feet and legs, Omayra successfully manages to remove her hand so she can be rescued by the rescue workers.

On that faithful day, they succeeded in removing the wood and debris that enclosed her, but they suddenly realize her legs were entangled in a tight place which might be impossible to get her out.

She was always positive about the situation, she talked to rescue workers and reporters, sang, and she pleaded for soda and sweets.

Rescue workers attempted different resue methods to free her, but none worked. They tried dragging her out, but they suddenly realise it is impossible to pull her out without shattering her legs. Whenever they tried dragging her out, the water level keeps increasing around her.

As the rescue mission went on, Omayra became frightened. She cried and prayed in the process.

This rescue mission lasted for 3 days. All attempt to resue her failed. They employed the last method by pulling Omayra out. However, they found out that her legs were bent looking like she was on her knees, and if they attempt that, the legs would be broken.

Doctors who were there concluded that she would not survive if they used that method because they lack surgical equipment to protect her from amputation effects.

They decided that it is better to let her die.

As she was about giving up, Omayra began to hallucinate. She talked about being late for her maths exam in school. Her eyes turned red, her face became swollen, while her hands turned white.

She died 16th November either from hypothermia or gangrene.

Her mother was out of town when the incident happened, but the camera recorded the message she left for her mother at the time of the incident.

She said her mum should pray for her so she can be saved by the rescuers. In her words "Mommy, I love you, my brother, and dad. Goodbye, Mom".

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