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'Shoot Your Shot'- People React to a Lady that Says She Always Watches Two Boys Come Back Everyday

Everyone in one way or the other tries as much as he or she can to contribute towards the ongoing protest for not just the reformation of the Nigerian police but also that of the country at large. While many contribute theirs by leaving the comfort of their homes or work since this started to the protest ground, others who their jobs didn't afford such time air theirs online, some too contribute in terms of food, airtime, money etc, others again turned to watchmen over those that leave everyday, making sure that they come back safely.

A Lady by name Funmi has added how she does her own contribution online. According to her, she's gotten addicted to watching some particular two boys from her window leave early everyday for the protest and she's mastered the time they come back, so she stays at her window to see if truly they are back. She added last night that they just passed before she voiced it out.

See below:

Our society has it that once a lady seeks looks after someone or has this likeness for any guy, there's probability that she may have some feelings for them or him but because of what people may say, they may not be willing to approach the issue squarely but rather be sticking around hoping to be be noticed. Perhaps she could have a likeness for them or just reaching out like other persons do. Because of that, people think she's got feelings for them especially as she said she was shy to approach them when asked to get their number so to be sure they get home as they used to. This elicited reactions from one asking her to shoot her shots on them, another was asking if she's just reaching out or there are other things she isn't telling us all. 

See reactions below:

Her intentions may not really be the other way round which some people think but the primary purpose which is making sure a total reformation is done in our country. Think of a way to make this a success for once it becomes better, you and me will enjoy more.

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