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Simple Trick To Preserve Unpeeled Onions To Last Up to 8 Months Without Spoiling

Onion is one vital vegetable or ingredient that is found in almost every meal. It adds an aromatic flavour to any meal. Onions are rich in nutrients and are used for many recipes.

Apart from their numerous health benefits, Onions are also known for their preservative property in Foods. Some people like to eat it raw, some prefer it cooked, some people also fry it, and so on. Onions can be prepared in different ways and for different dishes and purposes.

One major challenge people have with Onions is when it comes to its longevity. Most people don't know how to preserve Onions to last long. You would have noticed that one of the things that get easily rotten in your Kitchen storage is Onions.

While peeled Onions can be stored in the refrigerator to last up to 8 to 10 days, unpeeled Onions should not be stored in the refrigerator else they might get damp and rotten with time.

Now, in this article, I will be showing you a simple trick to use in preserving your Onions to last up to good 8 months!

This is what I call 'Panty Hose Method'.

Now this trick involves using a panty hose to separately tie your Onions and hang them in a cool dry place.

Before we look at this simple trick, firstly, you need to know why your Onions get easily spoilt. Here are some of the things you need to avoid when storing your Onions;

1. Avoid putting your Onions together in the same place. You would have observed that the moment one Onion gets spoilt in the midst of others, the rest gradually start spoiling as well.

2. Don't store your Onions when it is wet. Dry your Onions mostly by sun drying so that at least the first 3 - 4 layers are well dried before storage.

Now here is the simple trick to use to preserve your Onions to last up to 8 months.

1. Get a Panty Hose

Panty hose are long soft socks worn on the legs up to the waist mainly by ladies. You can buy one. 

2. Put each of the Onions separately and tie them so as not to touch each other.

3. Hang them in a cool dry place.

This trick looks simple, but it works!

The panty hose is soft and airy enough to allow air circulation on the Onions and since the Onions cannot touch one another, the risk of spoilage is grossly minimized.

What are your thoughts on this?

What other simple tricks can be used to preserve Unpeeled Onions to last for a very long time?

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