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Since there Are no churches in Saudi Arabia, this is what Christians do just to Fellowship together

There's no doubt that religious activities have taken all over the world in different Nations. There's hardly a nation you visit that is not involved in one religious activity or the other. Today in the World, the two main religions practiced are Christianity and Islam. The Distribution of these religions is not equal, some countries are dominated by Christians while others by Muslims.

In one of the Countries of the World, Saudi Arabia, it is widely believed that there are no Christian Inhabitants in that nation but research studies has it that there are about 1.8 million Christians in Saudi Arabia ( according to Wikipedia). These sets of Christians are not Born and brought up in Saudi Arabia but they are rather known as Expatriates as they are only there for one reason or the other or for official duties

Saudi Arabia could be said to be the center of all Islamic Activities Since Ancient times. The City is famous for the Gigantic Structure known as Mecca where Muslims from different parts of the World gather for Pilgrimage. The City is also Known to be the Home of the Holy Prophet, Muhammed . Every Citizen, Born and brought up in Saudi Arabia grows up to become Muslims because that is the Only religion widely accepted and practiced openly in the Nation

Now, it is proven that there are Christian expatriates in Saudi Arabia but the fact remains that despite there are expats in the Nation. There's is not a single Church in the Whole of the Saudi Arabia.

How then do these expats practice their religion or do they convert to Islam? No they don't. These expats Connects with each other Via a digital Means or an internet chat room as well as organising private meetings.

According to Gov.UK in an article concerning travel advice, it is said that the practice of any other religion other than Islam in Saudi Arabia is regarded as being Illegal. However the Saudi Arabia government accepts other religion in the country as long as it is strictly for your personal use and wouldn't in any way intend to convert the citizens.

Living in Saudi Arabia as a Christian and openly practicing your religion is very risky and could put such a Christian in a Very big trouble. He/She risks being arrested or deported. Christians are advised to keep their religion as private as possible while in Saudi Arabia. Virtual Means (For example, the Use Zoom) or closed door Meetings in Private Homes could well be practiced. Christians in Saudi Arabia are expected to respect the Islamic Religion in Saudi Arabia and practice theirs privately and not in open spaces.

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