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Snake Bite Won't Kill you If You Do This 3 Things quickly

Hello readers how are you doing? I hope everyone is doing well, we are going to discuss about a Very interesting and educating topic but please quickly press the follow button for more news and updates.

Snake is very dangerous and have wasted alot of innocent human lifes since it's existence, when bitten by a snake it releases it venom which mixes up with the blood streams and can kill if proper medication or first aid is not given.

The antidote used in curring snake bites is called the Antivenin which help to boost our immune system in other to respond very fast, but sometimes this Antivenin may not be available During this incident, do these quickly to reduce the effect of snak bite.

Before going into any treatment, seek medical attention. This means call any medical emergency number like 911, because even after this precautions you still need urgent attention to treat it once and for all, try to identify the type of snake it's very important, we know it may be difficult to do so. Also Do these things immediately

1. Remove any jewelry or watches, to avoid cutting into the skin if swelling occurs.

2. Try to keep the area of the bite below the heart in other to slow the fast spread of the venom through blood streams

3. Remain still and calm as possible, rolling over from one place to another will only cause the venom to spread fast.

4. Use a bandage to tight your limbs to your knee to slow the movement of The poisonous venom

These three listed above can help reduce the spread of snake venom in other to keep you safe until you have a proper medical attention, if you can tell the doctor the type of snake that bite you then it will be more easier to find the type of antivenin used to treat you immediately without much check up.

Note: this article is based on research.

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