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Something Catastrophic Could Happen on November 2, 2020. Read What It Is

The world has been predicted to end many times by different sets of people. Some are religious predictions while some are scientific predictions. Predictions like these will continue to occur as far as the world has not ended.

Lately though, scientists have predicted another event that might signify the end of the world. The event is predicted to take place on the 2nd of November 2020. A celestial object called Asteroid 2018VP1 is predicted to have a chance of entering the earth's atmosphere and causing some serious damage to the earth and people living in it.

The asteroid was discovered in 2018 and scientists have been observing the asteroid and it's orbit ever since then. The asteroid is expected to hit the earth on November 2, 2020 which is a day before the United States election. Because of that, the asteroid has also been nicknamed "Election Day" asteroid.

In the past, various asteroids have hit the earth and caused significant damage. We can only pray that this asteroid predicted to come in contact with the earth will either miss the earth or not cause significant damage to it.

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