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Stop Buying Cornflakes, See How To Make Yours At Home

Stop buying cornflakes because I will be teaching you how to make it

Cornflakes is eating by almost every homes now because it is simply easy to prepare ,I will be showing you the method of making cornflakes without preservative and it is fresh
Here are the ingredients you need to make cornflakes

*Dried corn
*I table spoon of sugar
*1 table spoon of salt
*1 table spoon of vanilla flavor
*250 ml of water

Procedures to make cornflakes

Firstly, grind your dried corn into flour ,but if you can’t grind, get the already made corn from a store

Sieve the corn flour gently ,turn the sieved corn in a bowl and add all other ingredients except from water

Mix it very well with a spoon or spatula ,mix it very well
Then whisk very well before adding the water, when add the water, go gently by adding it bit by bit.

Whisk it again so that the mixture will be perfect, add your vanilla flavor and mix very well again ,after that it will look like this

Turn the mixture into a baking tray and use it your spatula to spread it on every sides

If you don’t have an oven, you can take a Stainless tray and place on top of your stove ,cover the baking sheets and bake the mixture in low heat

Always check it so that it will not burn, when it is finally dried you will see cracks ,you can touch it to see if it’s dried

Leave it to cool for a while.

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