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Stop Giving These Two Gifts To Your Pastor If You Want To Live Long

The word pastor is derived from a latin noun pastor which means "Shepherd" and it is also derived from the verb pascere which means "to graze" or cause to eat.

According to the Bible, a pastor is a shepherd to his/ her congregation. They oversee their flocks and rely on the power and gifting of the holy Spirit. The main importance of a pastor is to be a leader and teacher to his followers. His duty is to make them christ-like.

There are so many things you ought to give a pastor without been told and there are also things you shouldn't if you want to live long. But today am going to talk about the two gifts you should never give your pastor if you don't want to die Young.

These two gifts are

1) A gift that's not from your heart:

It's very wrong to shower a man of God with gifts that's not from your heart. Maybe you want to show the world or your fellow members how devoted, committed and generous you are. At times you are not happy with yourself for giving it out. You think he doesn't deserve it or you don't just like him. It's better you don't give than take the punishment of God upon yourself.

2) A gift that is not from a good source:

This is very important, a money you stole, got from prostitution, and other wrong ways shouldn't be given to your pastor neither should it be given to God. They're unclean and God does not only reject it but punish you. Even if it's from your heart, it's unacceptable by God.

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