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Stop Giving Your Tithes To Men Of God, See The True Instructions The Bible Gave On Tithing

In this article I will be explaining to you with evidence why the above method of tithing is incorrect and does not go by the teachings of the Holy Bible.

When Most Men of God preach about tithing in our churches, they only tend to talk about a passage in the Bible which is Malachi chapter 3 from verse 8 to 12 where God Almighty charged his people to pay their tithes and gave promises of what faithfuls will benefit from paying their tithes.

When These Clerics refer to Malachi chapter 3 verse 8 to 12, they forget that the Malachi passage is not the only Bible passage to talk about tithing, neither is it the first to discuss tithing in the scriptures.

It is still unclear why most Men of God do not talk about the first Bible passage where God gave the instructions to his people, to pay their tithes and how to go about it. Whether it's a case of Ignorance or intentional negligence of this passage by this Clerics, I don't know.

The passage Deuteronomy chapter 14 from verse 22 to 29 where the Lord God Almighty instructed his people to eat their tithes in his a place which the Lord God has chosen to make his name dwell (Church) and if the place is too far you should convert your tithe to money, take it to the place and spend it on whatever that pleases you and you shall eat it in the presence of God Almighty.

The instructions also said that when eating your tithe you should not forget to share with the Levites (priests), the same way you should share with the sojourners, Fatherless, the widows and those within your town.

Don't take my word for it go ahead and riead up Deuteronomy chapter 3 and see for yourself.

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