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Stop Wasting Money On Tooth Plague, Use This Homemade Remedy To Cure it Instead

So many people wonder what a tooth plague is, the causes and also remedy for tooth plagues, well search no more because this article covers it all.

A Tooth plague is a sticky bacteria cloating formed in the teeth. If a tooth plague is left for a long time without any remedy the cloating might permanently become hardened leading to tooth decay or might lead to loss of the tooth.

At the early stage, the plague might not be noticed because it might look colourless, But sometimes food particles that stick to the teeth can be seen easily.

Tooth plagues are formed when food substances rich in sugar and starch are left for a long time on the teeth. These foods invite bacteria into the teeth, these bacteria tend to destroy the set of teeth.

Use this method to prepare your homemade treatment for plagues. It is economical and very effective.


1Teaspoon of your desired toothpaste

2 Teaspoon of clean water

2 Teaspoon of Baking Soda


Gather the ingredients, mix together in a clean bowl, stir until it becomes musky.

Take the mixture and add to your toothbrush while you brush for at least 4 minutes.

Use this remedy at least once weekly and you will get an excellent result.

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