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They Never Saw It Coming, See Pictures Of Secondary School Classmates That Ended Up As Couple

If there is a lesson which people must learn it life, it has to be about the dynamic of life. Life isn't based on arithmetic and logic reason. You might have planned your life to go in X direction and fate takes it to Y direction. That's why people are being advise to remain humble no matter the position in which fate has placed them.

In my article today, I will be sharing with you a post I came across on Facebook and this would go along way to prove to you that life isn't arithmetic. The post which was shared by a user identified as Effiong G Victor in a group named Yorochi TV was captioned "You may not know but your partner is really closer than you thought."

See screenshot of post he shared below;

The post which is all about a boy and a girl who were classmates in secondary school but fate ensured that their union never ends till death. If we are to analyze this based on logic and arithmetic, the lady or the guy wouldn't have pictured herself/himself getting married to him/her because in most cases girls do get married earlier than guys.

The picture above shows the guy standing near with his future bride, I'm pretty sure nobody saw it coming.

This post has got so many people reacting differently.

Can you as a lady marry your classmate in secondary school?

What are the chances of teenagers who are in a relationship getting married to each other?

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