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This Chicken Has Black Bones and Black Meat, It Is Purely Black and Worth 8Million (Photos)

We all have seen Chickens with dark attributes,But none are as bewitching as the “ayam cemani.” This rare creature, native to Indonesia’s island of Java, is the most magnificent breed of chicken in the world.

This unusual coloring extends to the breed’s internal features, including its organs, muscles and bones; the chicken’s meat, the tongue, talons are all a deep shade of darkness. The eggs are black as well

The only thing not dark about this chicken is the blood. Every other part is black. Surprisingly, people believe that the blood of the Cemanis chicken cures bad luck and people buy it for the blood. They buy the chicken, take the blood and throw out the chicken.

The Chicken intially cost $2,000 that is over #8,00000, just for a fowl!

They say the meat is sweet, as a regular chicken despite it's darkness.

If you were given this chicken as a Christmas gift, would you take it?

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