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This Funny But True - See This JSS3 Student "Definition Of Marriage" That Got People Talking

This funny but it is true, see how this JSS3 student define marriage that got people talking.

One of the definition of Marriage that i know is that "It is the coming together of a man and a woman to become husband and wife, with the consent of the both parties parents". Compare it to what this students wrote on that sheet of paper.

I bursted into laughter when i saw that JSS3 piece of definition on Facebook but when i think deeply about what he wrote on that sheet of paper, i realize his definition has meaning and it's absolutely true.

This was posted on a Facebook group named "Relationship and Dating Tips".

What correction did you think the teacher should make on the students?

Is it okay for the teacher to minutes "Bad student" on the student's sheet.

And if we take a look at it carefully, we will notice that the writer really know the question he was as, it's just that he has problem in putting english words together.

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