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"This is bad parenting, the baby is too small for this" - See what this baby was doing in this video

Many times, some parents overlook some little things their children do all in the name of civilization. Civilization has done much harm as good because, there is no longer age limit to some things rather, every young parent is striving to have more fashionable and marketable children and family and no longer responsible children and family.

When I saw this video of this little girl in this kind of dance, I felt ashamed of the mother who was videoing the little girl. The dance steps are way to far from the young baby and if she grows up with this style and kind of music in her mind, she might be carried away.

The baby was dancing to a hip hop song by Tecno, a song that would have only been best for adults and teenagers and not babies. The dance steps the little girl was displaying in the video shows that she has been close to someone who she sees very well on that kind of dance which might be her mother since she was the one who covered the video.

A lot of people might ask what is wrong with ordinary dance but everything is wrong with this one on this girl because, it's not about today, it's about tomorrow. What would she grow up to be with this kind of training as a child?

During my childhood, there were a lot of things your parents would know that you can do but would not allow you do them because they know it will not help you grow responsibly even though they know you'll do that in future.

Conclusively, this could be the manifestation of her talent but she nerds to be properly positioned in order to make the best out of it because if she continues this way, she might step beyond what she should and that is why she should be moulded from this stage and not to bring out this kind of exposition of such little girl to the public.

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