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This is Bad! Police Men Where Captured Taking Their Own Share Of The Discovered Palliative In Lagos

The recent happenings is quite funny as hoodlums seem to have vandalised most properties in some cities. The government should please act fast.

Hoodlums were seen destroying properties in lagos. Spar was reportedly broken into, Tvc was also was set ablaze. The youths are really angry and most criminals are making do of the opportunity to loot.

Information coming out of lagos suggests that a warehouse were covid19 palliative were kept was discovered after fire broke out in the warehouse. Many who had the opportunity made away with many food items.

Funny scene was when even the police men came in and took their own share of food items. From the picture, you will see them loading their van with food items.

But come to think of it, why will bad leaders hide palliative from the citizens. Why are they greedy to that extent. Some leaders are really wicked and they deserve to be thrown out of office.

It is really getting out of hand, the government should do something please.

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