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This is the New Modernized Method Ritualist Use in Killing People. Don't Fall a Victim

The world is indeed turning into something else, when ever I have a thought of what is really going on these days. Ritualist have gone out and made a technological or digital research this days on how to kill their victims or prospects and digitalize it so as to make it very easy and simple for them to devour humans with good heart, they avoid the use of kidnapping and direct drained of human blood and body part but they rather digitalize or modernize it with the use of phone call.

This image above is used for illustration purpose only.

How Did Ritualist Modernize their Act?

This is how it happens. Someone will forward an airtime to your massage box using your number after the arrival of the airtime, he will call you instantly just tell you that he made a mistake and forward an airtime into your inbox and plead with you not to make use of the card because he wants to send it to his dad.

After you may have not make use of the airtime he will call you and begin by thanking you show you how grateful he is as you never made a choice to use the card, and will tell you that his papa wanna pray for you for your good deed and please with you not to hang or cut up the call.

At this very point, you ought to be very careful when he passes the phone to the old man. This man will begin by saying thank you my child God almighty will bless and reward you, you shall be bless beyond measure, you shall be 10 times greater than your pairs and so on, please you should be warn that any prayers he made to you please never to say an amen or reply it, you could only hang up the call at that point or cover your self with the special blood of Jesus, if you do that he will quickly cut the call and never to call you back again.

And if the person mistakenly answer by saying amen, they will have contact with your body spiritually and drain the vital part of your body. After the phone call, the person will be struck with a deadly illness immediately in such a way that when admitted to the hospital, the doctors will never have any idea on what really is wrong with you. After the long run, the victim will die without knowing the cause of his or her death.

This happens with alot of people out there you have too all have to be extremely careful with ourselves most especially during this #EndSars Protest and Lockdown Period which seems to be eased already.

You can save alot of lives out there by sharing this to people you love and drop your comment for more vital information.


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