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Throwback: Photos Of A Reverend Sister Who Dumped Catholic church And Married A Policeman

They say that love is a good thing as it doesn't hide.As a saying goes "Open love is better than hidden admiration",so it is better to be open with matters of the heart.When two people are in love,it would be better if they are open about their love and be proud of it.

Earlier when I was browsing through the internet,i came across some throwback photos of a lady who left the Catholic church so she could marry the love of her life.According to reports,the "former" reverend sister abandoned her calling just so she could tie the knot with an officer.

From the picture above,you could see that the lady was very happy when she tied the knot with her lover who was a policeman.

This case just proved that love is a wonderful thing as it doesn't let anything to stop it from manifesting itself in a person's life.

See photos of the lady when she was a nun below;

See more photos of the "former' reverend sister during her traditional marriage ceremony below;

In my opinion,the lady simply obeyed her human desire to love and be loved as well.What do you think about this?

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