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Touch Her in These 9 Parts of Her Body She Wants It But Won't Tell You

Good morning guys and happy weekend. Someone told me about these parts of female body they love to be touched but because of one thing or the other she won't tell you.

Asking how i came to realize? A friend of mine who is an expert in massaging told me about it so I decided to share it with you my dear readers at Kingsparo TV

As a matter of fact, he said touching different areas has different reactions. 

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Let's continue with the topic of today. The 9 places were women loved to be touched are. 

1. Head:

2. Ribs 

3. Abdomen 

4. Laps 

5. Leg and Feet.

6. Hair 

7. Neck 

8. Ear

9. Bre#st

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