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Watch The Funny Moment Some People Shared Their Loots To Beggars (VIDEO)

it is no news that so many stores, shins, building, banks and Warehouse were looted yesterday and days before. It was said that goods worth millions of naira has been stolen from many stores while some banks were litter and their computers were also stolen.

However, a video has surfaced online which shows the moment some Unidentified persons shares their looted goods to some beggers in an undisclosed location.

The state which experienced this invasion include rivers, Edo, Ekiti, lagos, Osun and other states. However, most of these goods that were looted by unidentified Persons do not belongs to the Government but private institutions and agencies.

In this video, some unidentified persons were seen sharing noodles, salt and spaghetti to the beggars. These goods which were being distributed are belived to be Covid-19 palatives which was stolen from the warehouse.

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