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While I Was Shouting at the Protest, A Man Was Feeling My Bum - Lady Tells

There's an adage that says that when there's evil in the land, some people get fed from it. It can be directly financially, sexually or economically but no matter which it belongs, some people must find a way to feed from it. Yes you wonder how such happen but if you haven't been in a position of being a leader of a group and evil surfaces which needs to be tackled, you may not understand how people tend to reap from it.

S##xual molestation has been a case that's not been likely taken in our law at all as everyone tries to justify the lady's actions at all point while putting the man at the guilty part. This happens because of the make of men and that of the woman as both stronger and weaker vessels respectively, taking into cognizant the fact that many women have been sexually molested in the past by men, so they try as much as they can to speak up at each point.

The protest to dissolve SARS in the country is still on as yesterday, people went on another protest in different locations, some got injured, another died that yesterday in Ogbomosho during the protest while some others succeeded. In all, one shouldn't think there won't be casualty at all for there must definitely be sacrifices for something to be achieved.

However, a lady by the twitter name @ladytiffs_ has narrated that she was molested yesterday while the protest was going on. 

According to her, while she was shouting on top of her voice for SARS to be dissolved like every other Nigerian, some guy out there was busy romancing her bums but surprisingly, she didn't say anything until she got home, narrating how exhausted she is.

Like I said, in every ugly experience in the land, some people tend to find a way to feed off it. Next time you go on a protest or in a mass gathering and such occurs, its best you treat it there immediately if you aren't comfortable with it.

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