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Who snap this kind thing, people get eyes I swear! - man reacts to a picture posted on Facebook

This is really funny, I laughed really hard when I saw this. Some people can be so dramatic and creative at the same time. Indeed the person who took this picture deserves a round of applause. I'm wonder how he/she was able to position the camera without the flies that perched on the hair flying away. It's really puree talent.

The picture was posted on facebook earlier today and has been causing alot of arguments and comments online, because people are still baffled and are wondering how the picture was taken.

Below are comments on how people reacted to the picture.

When I first saw the picture, I was thinking it's May be due to boredom that the person took the picture but when I had a rethink, I realised that this is just pure talent because take such a photo is not an easy task. It requires real expertise and focus. Be sure to drop your comments to let us know what you feel about the post.

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