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Why bother to buy yogurt when you can produce it at home with only two ingredients?

Yoghurt is mostly made with milk and some other ingredients which prolongs it's shelf life but the cheapest way to produce it is with milk and one other ingredients which I will mention below.

This production method also gives you the same taste as the ones we buy in stores.

Equipments needed

• Pot

• Gas cylinder or Stove

• Plastic containers

• Spoon


• Greek (live) yogurt or starter culture - 2 tablespoons or a bag of starter culture

• Milk - 3 litres


• Step 1: Supply heat to the pot

• Step 2: Pour the milk into the pot and heat the milk till it gets warm.

• Step 3: Turn off the heat the pour the live yogurt or starter culture into the pot then stir it till it dissolves completely

• Step 4: Pour the mixture into plastic containers and leave it in a warm place possibly cover them tightly in a cooler to ferment for about 6 hours

• Step 5: If the yogurt isn't that thick or a little bit sour, leave it again for some time

• Step 6: Refrigerate it for some time then package it as desired


You may decide to produce this on a large scale, refrigerate it and sell to school children. It has an expiry date of at least 2 weeks.

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