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"Why is Bola Tinubu the Scape Goat?" - See what Youths are saying about him

This event has raised lot of controversies amongst Nigerian youths and since then they've sniffing for the person behind the horrible occurrence .

Many people have suggested that, Lagos state Government under the administration of Babajide Sanwo-olu was the one who ordered the shooting of peaceful protesters probably because they defied the order given on Curfew.

While some suggest the above, some felt it's Tinubu and other Lagos political Goons who ordered the Army to shoot.

Based on Consensus, the larger part of the youths have accepted that it's Tinubu who ordered that Protesters should be brought down.

And now, many Youths are now planning to burn down Tinubu's Hotel and also march to his home in Lagos on Black shirt to make him no their intentions and express their sadness.

It really worrying why people are taking Tinubu as the perpetrator of this evil, it doesn't sound nice, taking into consideration his political ambitions ahead of 2023.

Looking at it deeply, he who plans to run for the Presidential Office in next election won't do anything bad to the people he's looking up to for Votes.

Instead, he'll find every means to support and see that he gets them in line with him so that he will be able to gain their trust when elections come.

But, no one really knows what Politician are up to, they can do and undo. However as it stands now, people (Youths) have decided to take it all down and out from Bola Tinubu.

See some of their messages and Tweets on Twitter;

It really saddening and it's painful to see that this us happening in Nigeria, A GIANT OF AFRICA

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