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Wicked World: How Mother Allegedly Lost Her 3 Children After They Ate Soup Kept By Unknown Person

A woman allegedly lost her 3 children same day after they allegedly eat a poison soup kept in their fathers plate.

File Image: Crying Women

The incident happened on Thursday, 1st October 2020 in Obohia, Ahuzu Mbaise, in Imo State. 

Narrating the incident, source told KINGSPARO.COM that on that fatal day, the woman emptied her pot of soup in the morning after her children ate in the morning.

According to reports, the Father of the house went for outside work so the woman did dish out food for her husband.

In the night, they saw soup in the husband plate kept by unknown person, the woman decided her children eat the soup while she take tea because she was tired to cook that evening. 

After the Children ate the soup kept by unknown person they died before the next morning.

More details soon...

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