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Wife finds heartbreaking text message, sent from a lady in her husband's phone

Most times it's necessary not to invade the privacy of your spouse, to avoid a heart attack. Most times it's better to leave things the way they are. Invading of privacy could be reading their text messages, going through their social media account and anything related to that.

A lady made a shocking revelation, about what she saw on her husbands phone on Facebook. She saw a WhatsApp text that shows a lady, telling her husband that she is pregnant for him. The husband replied telling the lady that he is coming to see her later.

Why would a married man with a wife, get another lady pregnant? It doesn't add up, this is one of the reasons why we have so many broken homes in the world today, because of infidelity. This lady in question might end up getting depressed and she might leave the marriage.

See reactions of people below:

Marriage is for better or for worse, but that doesn't mean we should put our spouse in a dangerous position, to make a tough decision. It would be very difficult when they both have a child.

Do you think the woman should leave the marriage?

Should she confront her husband?

What's your opinion on this issue?

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