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Wonders Shall Never End! See What This Guy Did To Himself That Got People Reacting

This young man actually wants to be like bobrisky, he is actually confusing his village people. Nobody knows if he is a man or woman.

I don't understand the reason cross dressing seems like an occupation in the world now. People are actually trying to tell God that they don't appreciate their gender.

You will see a lady dressing like a man, and you see a man dressing like a woman. Could this be end time? I wonder what the parents of this guy will be feeling right now that they have lost their son to stupidity.

The government should better start arresting all these cross dressers because they are one of the major problems we have in this country. Guys who are philanderers might pick this one from a club without knowing that its their fellow man.

If you see someone like this on the road will you think he is a man or a woman because I am confused myself. Please say no to cross dressing. That should be the next protest, before they turn the world into something else.

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