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You Can't Breakup' - What Happened Between A Herbalist's Daughter And Her Boyfriend Who Wants To Quit

There are some people who are always afraid of the charm and spiritual world. Many people do not like associating themselves with anything that has to do with medicinal because it may backfire in no time.

Whatsapp chat between a boy and his girlfriend has been leaked on WhatsApp. According to the conversation, the girl is the daughter of a herbalist while her boyfriend Is a devoted Christian. The boy does not want to associate with his girlfriend when he discovered that he was dating a herbalist's daughter. It seems that the boyfriend is afraid of what the girl's father would do to him if he eventually breaks up with her.

See screenshots of their conversation.

Judging from their WhatsApp chat, the girl really loves the boy and does not want him to leave her so she resorted to threatening him to continue with the relationship. She indirectly made known to him the bad things that would befall him if he parts ways with her.

What is your thought on this?

If you are the boy, what would you do at this stage?

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