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Youths!! Stop Eating Or Smoking Weed, It's Effect Are Worst Than You Think

Weed or Marijuana any one you fall it, is even more harmful than you could ever imagine. Many youth smoke and eat weed for the the pleasure they derived from it, for example feeling high and relaxed. But today I will be enlightening you on some of the bad effect of smoking or eating this Weed.

Some of the effect of Smoking and eating Weed are listed below, read carefully.

1. When you smoke weed you hunger for food and urge for sex tends to increase. Many weed smokers inarguably experience this.

2. Smoking and eating Weed makes you experience difficult in thinking straight or remembering little things (loss of memory). 

3. You might suffer Testicular cancer. A cancer that causes a loose bag of skin below the penis. (This happens if you have been smoking Weed for a long time, probably 10 years and above). 

4. Suffering anxiety: Feeling nervous or worried that something bad might happen, while high are one of the bad effects of eating or smoking weed.

5. Your heart beat increases rapidly. Weed or better still, Marijuana tends to make the heart to work harder, or beat faster than normal. The heart normally beats between 50 to 70 times a minute. but when you are on the influence of weed the heart beats faster from 70 to 120 per minute. This can lead to heart attack or stroke.

So I will advise the youths who thinks weed is fun, to try as much as possible to avoid taking this drug, either by smoking or eating it, both ways are very dangerous to the health. You may enjoy the pleasure, but it's not worth risking.

The youths should engage themselves in something, other than smoking weed, as there is great harm in it. They always say prevention is better than cure, so try to stay away from smoking or eating weed or any other drug. The fact that it is a natural leaf doesn't stop it from being harmful to the health.

So what do you have to say about this?

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