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A Bag of Cement is no longer #3000, Here is the New Price in Owerri - Photos

Cement is one of those building materials we can't do without and it is one of the fastest moving commodity in Nigerian market due to its importance to people. In Nigeria we don't have many popular cement suppliers due to some policies most benefiting to people in some specific zones. 

This monopoly in Production and distribution of cement is causing more harm than good to the people, a bag of cement was originally N2,500 in Owerri, Southeast zone of Nigeria before the nation wide protest.

During this two weeks of protest and restrictions in movement the price increased to N3000 before it skyrocketed to N4,000 now. 

In Owerri currently, a bag of cement cost #4,000, though some dealers do sale slightly above or below depending on quantity you're purchasing.

As a result of this increment in price many projects has been abandoned without any possible solution yet. 

How do you think this issue can be address and price decreased? 

In my opinion, I think the cause of this increment is as a result of having few products, when more people are licensed to produce, import cements into the country the price will flatten. The total demand is obviously higher than supply causing hike in price.

How much is a bag of cement in your area? 

When last did you price a cement in your locality?

What's the possible remedy to this unfavourable situation? 

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  1. What type of Nigeria is this ,why are we punishing ourselves

    1. Please 3000 for cement is too much how do u peoples espects us to buy may be take it at selling for 2000 please


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