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A Perfect Lie update Friday 13th November 2020 Star life

Perfect Lie Nov 13, 2020 Star Life Written Update: Durga talks to Divya.

 He says my father and I are alive today thanks to you. Durga believes that Divya and her father supported her through difficult times. Divya says my dad is with me today because of you. It says you saved us from Sakshi's deadly impulses. I want to help you punish Goenka. He says dad sent you a blessing and said he won't find peace until Goenkas is done. It says don't worry, I'm dead in the eyes of the world and always will be. 

The ward asks Dr. Sanjuktu to come home because it is getting late. He says I'll go check the results later. He says he cannot believe my eyes and rushes to Shaurya. He moves and thinks how it is possible, reports say otherwise. He teased him. Shaurya does not react. She leaves. Shaurya moves her warm leg and hisses. Durga comes home and asks Virgo why she isn't sleeping so much.

Dev says I want to get rid of the problem between us and reminds him of their first dinner and how problems always showed up when they ate together. It is getting serious. He says relax, I'm kidding. He asks about Nitya's reaction, knowing she is in prison. She said to herself, let's eat first, because my mind can't function without food. Dev thinks Nitya will give me all my answers soon. Sakshi wakes up and receives an unnecessary call. Rajnath asks why she is nervous in the morning on the phone. He says I had a strange childhood dream and tells him so. He will pour her some tea.

Dev walks up to the car rental counter and asks for details of the car and who rented it. The administrator checks it and provides information on the hotel that rented it. Dev is wittily angry and says he found out at the hotel. Sakshi is concerned about the images of Shaurya in Akram's hands. She takes the tea and makes it. His phone rings. Rajnath calls him to scare him even more. He blackmails her and asks to show a video of her father's death. Asks if he's crazy. Rajnath says I need this video of Sakshi Rahmat Khan, I will do my father's job, I will give me the video, otherwise I will reveal the video with Shaurya. It gives her the opportunity to choose Shaurya or herself. She is angry that Akram dares to take everything from her. Remember her and Rakhmat's promises and how he gave her happiness.

He had the opportunity to meet Rajnath Goenka through Rahmat's contacts. Rahmat introduces her to Rajnath. Remember her relationship with Rajnath. Rajnath is in love with her and she tells him she is married. He says you picked a bad man and they watchrted appointments. Rajnath was fascinated by her beauty and then abandoned her, saying he would not let her into his home. He asks if he's playing with his feelings. Rajnath laughs and calls her stupid, thinking he will marry her. She says Rahmat doesn't deserve her and she doesn't deserve Rajnath. He says I'm sorry, but you'll have better luck. He then receives a video of Rajnath killing a man and using him to blackmail him. Rajnath threatened Rahmat to give him the tape, and Rahmat refused him, saying he would show everyone the truth.

Sakshi then made a deal with him, asking her to marry him. He says I want to become Ms. Sakshi Goenka. Rajnath says I can kill you here. Blackmailed him to ruin it. She says she is a widow, because Rakhmat died in a fire in the press, now he is alone - his choice. He comes as a gift and says Akram can't understand that it's impossible to take my things away from me. Dev arrives at the hotel and asks the woman from the investigation department. The Master meets the Virgin, recognizing him on the news. Dev shows the license plate, he was hired two years ago. Dev asks for all the details. A board member calls Dev and asks him to prepare for a board meeting. Dev asks her to send all documents home. The manager gives him the details of the car and is shocked to see the name Dayal Thakur.

Dev confronts Dayal Thakur. Dayal asks what the problem is. Dev says you killed Nitya in a car accident. Dayal is shocked. Dev says there's nowhere to lie. He says he saw Nitya's death certificate and a FIR report showing the license plate of the car Nitya hit. He says I found out it was shot in your name. Dayal said all of this should be done. Dev says I'll ask you and you will answer. He asks if it's true that he killed Nitya. Karan trains at the gym and is surprised to see Rajnath.

Rajnath says that unexpected things often happen. He says he came to meet him. Karan is worried. Rajnath says Kangana told me about her and your relationship. She says she is my daughter and I love her, if you play with her, I can't stand it. He asks her if he really loves her and what her intentions are. Karan thinks about her father's words and says I take her very seriously. Rajnath says I knew that, you're thinking about the wedding and engagement in two weeks. Karan says it's election time and Dad is busy. Rajnath says I'll talk to Basu. Think I know you're not that serious and I'll check on you and Basu. Dayal tells Dev that Nitya was in an accident with her car. He says Nitya didn't die that night because she's still alive. Reminds her of the case. Dev says he brought her to my house for my birthday. I always knew she was alive, and now I know that she is in front of me and that she has always been with me day and night.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for something to do with it. She thanks him for saving Nitya and him too. He touches Dayal's feet and hugs him. Dayal thinks Dev is right, but he still can't say yes. Dev says there's no need to say yes, your silence told me everything, thank you very much uncle.

Dayal holds it and smiles. Thanks to the developers for bringing my thread into my life. Back home. Dayal prays to Maa and she showed the light to the Virgin. He says I will accept this decision, as he did with Kanyadan, and that he should let Durga know. He calls Durga and he can't tell her, thinking that if he does, he might react badly. Leave everything to Maa Durga. Durga is worried and calls him to ask if he's okay. Dayal is lying, saying it was a quick call. He says I'll take Payal to rehab and speak later. He begs Maa to fix everything.

Dev comes home and cries, saying it sounds like drama, he couldn't tell Nitya she was that stupid. He says now I know you are Nitya, he is thinking about the connection between Durga and Nitya. Go home thinking about what to tell her. Durga tells Divya that she will tell her plan and that they should start working. Dev approaches her and she attacks him by mistake. She apologized for not knowing when you arrived. Dev thinks she was still in front of him. He says I'm thinking of you. Asks what. He says you hid the truth and hid it. He asks what's true. He says Durga is my Nitya. She is shocked and cries. He says I found my friend who was always one step ahead of me. Durga says it's not herswith Nitya. Dev calls him enough and says he has all the proof that she is Nitya. It says everyone told me you were dead, and my heart said you were alive. He says everything has been said correctly, Nitya is dead, I am his shadow. Collapse saying he's broken, so stay away.

He says I can't make your life as colorless as mine. Dev says, don't pull me away from you and hold his hand. He says I have no purpose in life, I love you, Durga.

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