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A Woman Who Secretly Loves You Will Most Likely Act In This Manner

Sometimes a woman may really love you but for one reason or the other not want you to know or not know how to tell you.

But every now and again if you pay close attention, you can often pick up from her actions how she really feels about you. These are some ways you can find out.

1) She gets shy, awkward or nervous whenever you come around her, but doesn't act that way with other guys.

2) She may fight with you or get annoyed with you for offenses you cannot even remember, because she expects you to be sensitive to her feelings, even though she hasn't said how she feels.

3) She is interested in matters that involve you and remembers important details about you and your life.

4) She tends to get unhappy or pissed when you talk to other girls or when girls come around you.

5) She may pretend she accidentally sent you a message or chat just so she has an excuse to talk to you.

6) She will try to create avenues for you both to spend time alone together. She will likely keep creating ways to prolong your stay with her.

7) She shows more concern for you than your regular friends do. When you have issues or are a little under the weather, she calls the most to check up on you.

8) She may get angry with you for reasons you can't comprehend, but she is always quick to forgive you as well.

Have you noticed some or all these things in a woman's attitude towards you? You never know, she may just be secretly in love with you.

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