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Accept Defeat Peacefully! See What Trump Posted About US Election That God People Talking

As election night turns into the morning after after morning, there is still far more that we don't know about the race to be the next president -- and to control the US Senate -- than we do.

Things are certainly not moving in the path Mr. Donald Trump in the US presidential election as odds seems to be against his side to secure a dual tenure as the United States president.

Reposts has it that, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden seems to be the highest favourite to outstand Donald Trump in this election after results from key states were announced in favor of the ex-Vice president.

However, there have been several calls from Trump urging that the counting of votes should be withheld while making some series of posts on his personal twitter handle to lament on the collation of votes.

Even though Donald Trump is in a defeating state, he still made another post; calling for counting of votes to be stopped which got people talking about the election.

Have a look at it below.

"STOP THE COUNT!"; Donald Trump urges.

See people's reactions on Trump's tweet.

The only a Democrat can win is by rigging the election. Which is already taking place. Cory Thompson reacts.

Don't give up control, fight it until the end", said Khaleb while Linda blasted Democrats and labelled their party as "literally demon possessed".

Right here, Edema said Donald Trump should "accept defeat in peace" and also urged the President to be "bold enough to congratulate Joe Biden".

Do you think Edema was right by his statement? Kindly drop your suggestion.

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