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Are You Trying To Copy Cardi B? Why Not Remove Your Bra Too - Fan Blast Chika Ike For Copying Cardi B

A fan of Chika Ike just went on instagram and commented at the pictures she just posted, telling her that she was copying Cardi B then why didn't she remove her bra too. Cardi B used the hair in her new song but the Nigerian actress Chika Ike copied her hairstyle just to celebrate her birthday.

It was obvious but she really copied her truely but that was just to look good at her birthday, and also to do different thing that no other celebrity in Nigeria has done.

Actually she was the only celebrity that has this kind of attire on their birthday, but the fan who commented made a point because she copied even her dressing except that part.

Don't judge his comment because he just made his opinion know to her and now that she knows, let's wait for her reply. Share and follow us for more interesting articles.

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