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As at 2pm Yesterday, See the Wide Gap Between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

With the ongoing 2020 US presidential election where the democrats candidate Joe Biden is seen to take the lead with a total vote of 253 out of the 270 votes needed to crown the new president of the whole world.

With Joe Biden getting 2,449,371(49.4%) from Georgia while Donald Trump gets 2,448,454(49.4%), it's possible that Joe Biden will claim the 16 electoral college votes from Georgia with a total of 269 (253+16).

This is the previous result but now it's clear that Joe Biden has toppled Donald Trump in Georgia.

If Joe Biden eventually get the 269 votes from Georgia, it will be difficult for Donald Trump to bounce back and it might be a good bye to him as the president of the US.

Although there's still hope for Trump as he is leading in Pennsylvania and Northern Carolina, will these two States give him the complete votes?

Is there still any chance that Donald Trump can still win?

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