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As Of 4:20pm Yesterday, Check Out The Latest Result Released By The Electoral Committee As Reported By BBC

The world waits impatiently, anxiously, and nervously for the United States of America result.

A lot of people across the globe watched television and waiting for the United States of America's election outcome. As of 4:30pm, this evening, check out the result and wide margins between the two presidential candidates in the United States of America.

The former president of America and the Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden is the candidate that has been leading the election. As for now, he defeated the current president of America, Donald Trump. Just now, Joe Biden has taken the lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the only state that the current president, Donald Trump needs to win the American election. There are strong that Joe Biden is leading the three states left, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. There is a margin of about four million votes between the two presidential candidates.

Joe Biden has two hundred and sixty four electoral votes while his counterpart, Donald Trump stocked at two hundred and fourteen electoral votes. It remains six votes for Joe Biden to reach the almighty two hundred and seventy electoral votes.

Who do you think will win this election? What is your wish for these American presidential candidates? Write your thoughts in the comment box below. Remember your opinion count. Kindly like and share for more interesting updates.

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