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ASUU STRIKE Update: ASUU directs new message to Nigerian students and parents, as well as its members

Deep down we still wish that the federal government and the academic staff union of universities and it's members would end thus ongoing 8 months strike this instance.

ASUU took to their facebook page some hours ago to send this message to Nigerian students and their parents.

According to the message, there is no hope in sight to ending the ongoing strike action. ASUU members have also been advised to seek other means of survival since the government withheld salaries.

Other means of survival? Some months back, the minister proposed that the union members should go into farming as an alternative means of survival. It was condemned and seen as an insult, he probably knew where this issue was dragging to. Now even the union have stated the need to seek an alternative means of survival.

What the message means for students is that, they should move on with their lives for now and stop hoping each morning that the strike will suddenly be called off.

Such is the state of education in Nigeria, what a wonderful country we live in.

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