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Busted! He is not Davido's manager, but see why this guy is always with Davido wherever he goes to

If you are a fan of Davido, and you follow up on his activities, you will notice that there is this particular guy that is always with Davido. You may therefore be asking yourself the question "who is he to Davido"?

The guy in the photo above is named Tunji Adeleke. I'm sure with the surname, you should now be able to guess who he is to Davido. If you are still yet to figure that out, let me help you out of your mystery.

Tungee, whose real name is actually Tunji Adeleke is Davido's cousin. Remember Davido's real name is David Adeleke?

His father is Davido's father's elder brother. His father was the senator that died three years ago. Tungee and Davido had always been fond of one another ever since they were little. Check out a throwback photo of young Davido and young Tungee.

Were you able to identify Davido between the two young boys in the photo above? Let me give you a hint that will help you. Davido is the young boy with those cute dimples. Here is a another throwback photo of Tungee with his late father, senator Adeleke.

There is a popular saying that a boy will definitely grow to become a man. That is actually true, as the both of them are no longer boys, but are now men. Their relationship has not diminished, but rather it has waxed stronger. He is so loved by Davido, that Davido loves him around him always.

You might want to say there is nothing special there, as they are both cousins. But may i remind you that he is not the only cousin Davido has? Now let's check out few of their photos.

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