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Checkout Trump's tweets which proves T. B. Joshua's Prophecy right. Compare it with Biden's

The founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T. B. Joshua earlier predicted that there is going to be a new President of America.

It is true he never mentioned names but a sound mind will be able to decipher where he was heading to. He said what is going on in America is because of the power of words. He enjoined every Christian to be careful of what they say.

Looking at the two contenders for the most powerful seat in America. One sees that one of them is careless with his utterances while the other is calm. Trump's tweets has been flagged on two occasions by Twitter as inappropriate. The first being his claim that the Democrats were trying to steal the election and the second being the tweet where he claimed that apart from Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia they have also claimed Michigan.

Well as things may unfold, his team has already gone to court to stop counting of votes in the same state of Michigan when they noticed that Biden was leading in the state.

Biden on his part has remained calm during this electoral process.

He has been called names by the Trump camp yet he has been focused on his goal of getting to the White House. In his own tweet he maintained that it is the people who choose who they wish to be their leader.

He said that the votes of Americans must count. His whole body language throughout the election has shown he is ready to accept the will of the people whether in his favour or not. He holds that power cannot be taken since it flows from the people. It is true that in one occasion he said that it's clear we are winning. What I love here is his use of the "we".

This is a lesson for everyone. Nobody alone is the people. The people can give you their trust when they see themselves in you. Whenever they do not see themselves in you, they will take their trust and will and you will remain yourself. This was the great we that took Obama to the White House. I know we all remember the Obama's slogan "Yes we can". It's like it's coming back in Joe Biden.

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