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Checkout What this Man was Caught Doing in a Burial Ground at Rivers State (Video)

A Facebook user has reported an incident that happened on the 10th of November in a Cemetery in Bonny Local Government of Rivers State. According to one Mr. Adolph Pepple Ramson, this man in the pictures was caught in the very act of conjuring Spirits in Bonny Cemetery.

This man was seen with some fetish items doing invocations and incantations in the said Cemetery.

He did not say much about the identity of the man except that he is from Akwa Ibom. State. He has a brother in Porthacourt who is a pastor with the Deeper Life Bible Church. He is believed to be a Necromancer. From the pictures you can see that they have given him some beatings of his life.

This whole thing is strange. In the past we used to hear stories that things like this do happen but recently it is becoming obvious that these things are true.

Could it be that this man was practicing his own religion? What was he actually doing with these fetish items and doing invocations in a Cemetery? Why did he not go to his own village to perform his rituals? These questions and many more are questions one may likely ask when things like this happen.

The truth is that this is more than meets the eye but we cannot ascertain what actually this is except if the doer of the action explains the reason behind his action. It is obvious that from certain happenings recently, people are going back to ancestral worship.

I have uploaded the video on my IGTV on Instagram Just Tap Here to watch and don't forget to leave a comment. 

If this trend continues, it may be a problem but it must be known that people have right to their mode and choice of worship. Beating this man does not solve any problem. If this is what he believes in then he should go back to his people and if what he does is of help to the community, they will support him.

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