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Dear men, if you notice these things in your wife leave her immediately

Women are like bees, men want the sweetness, but don't want to be bitten by them. Despite the fact women are known to be very cunny and quite hard to get to, men still find them interesting and run after them like a school bus. 

When things start to get more complicated, men get fed up and feel like a piece of shit. However, the only option sometimes is just to leave such a relationship before things even get more ugly.

Men, if you notice these things in your wife, leave her immediately.

1. If your wife is uncontrollable, please leave her if you still cherish your dear life. An uncontrollable wife can do anything anytime and which can affect you big time, before that happens, please avoid such a woman.

2. If you wife is always stopping you from achieving your goals and dream, leave her. Some wives don't want their husband to achieve their goals and dream, so they become obstacles for them by robbing them of their dream.

3. If your wife is always fighting with you every day, even in the presence of your children, leave her for the sake of your children. If you don't leave this kind of wife, it can be of bad effect on your children when they grow up.

4. If she is always raining curses all the time. A wife is supposed to be supportive and prays for her husband. 

5. A woman that is not giving you peace of mind. A woman that doesn't give you peace of mind is slowly killing you, and if you don't leave her, the worst can eventually happen.

6. A woman that doesn't fulfill her responsibilities as the wife. These responsibilities include taking care of the children, taking care of the home and so. When a mother is not available when her children need her, the children can be greatly affected both physically and emotionally.

7. A wife that is a drug and alcohol addict. Such a wife is a bad influence on people around her especially your kids. Therefore avoid such woman. If she doesn't desist from this bad act, leave her immediately, please.

8. If she is sleeping with other men. A wife that is sleeping with other men apart from her husband is slowly killing herself or her husband. A wife that cheats will end up killing her husband or herself.

A wife that is responsible won't do these things stated above no matter what. Before you leave her, ask her to change and if she doesn't listen, please don't hesitate to leave.

If you have any reservations, questions, and comments, do well to use the comment box.

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