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Fear God And Fear Woman: See Where The Hand Of A Groom was During A Group Photo With Bridesmaids

I will like to start with an advice, never leave your husband with alone with your friends. Many men are prone to cheat in a relationship because they are polygamous in nature. They are only tamed by the close supervision of the wife. A loose wife might lose her husband to another woman which might be her friend or family member.

Marriage ceremonies in Africa are usually done in a flamboyant way having all necessary luxury. It usually comes with a lot of photos and videos to serve as memorial after the wedding party.

A picture has surfaced on the internet, in which a groom was seen putting his hands on the naked thigh of a bridesmaid while the bride was at a distance photo-bombing.

Bridesmaid are usually the friends or relatives of the bride, usually unwed and young in age and a member of the bride's party. The bridesmaids are to attend the bride on the day of her wedding. For the groom they are called the groomsman who play the role of attending to the groom as well during the wedding ceremony.

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