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Forget Blood Money — This Is What Igbo People Do To Get Rich In a Short Time

When you see an Igbo person, the first thing that might come to your mind is either Money or business amongst many other things Igbo people are well known for why ?

Igbo people are one of the most successful and well coordinated group of people in Africa. When it comes to business, everyone knows they don't joke around and this is the reason why there are many rich Igbo people who started with absolutely nothing but have grown to be successful in the society. But how do they do this ? Continue reading below.

How Igbos Get Rich Quick

(Illustrative picture of a rich man)

There is no many secrets behind the success stories of many Igbo people other than hard work, loyalty and patience.

These are the very principles of the famous Igbo business strategy commonly known as the"Igba-Odibo".

( picture showing a worker and his apprentice. Source: Techpoin)

Igba-Odigbo can be taken to mean entrepreneurship in English. It is a scheme of wealth creation commonly amongst the Igbos whereby a young boy/girl is taken from the parents to serve a master over a period of an agreed time, usually from 4 to 10 years after which, the master settles the boy/girl with capital to start up their own businesses.

Over this period of years with the master, the boy or girl is to work with the master in his/her business, learning the art of trading, negotiating etc.

The servant also helps with his/her master's house chaos and after the agreed period of years ended, the master will then reward the servant accordingly.

So after a period of 4 – 10 years a boy who left his parent's house to serve and learn his master's business will also become a master himself.

( picture showing a group of igbo people. Source: Google photos)

This strategy has made many Igbo people millionaires over the years and it's still working for them. While others might think Igbo people do rituals to get rich, This is how many of them became rich in just few years, it's not magic! Just hard work, dedication, perseverance and loyalty.

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Source: Opera News

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  1. Igbo nation are blessed with oil and Malta. Every successful man there's a woman. IGBOS are not main for blood money, our riches comes from God through apprenticeship. Thank you.


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