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Friend Of Gimimbi Finally Speaks on Claims That 'He Has A Snake That Spits Money'

The death of 36 year old Zimbabwe socialite and businessman, Genius Kadungure alias Ginimbi who died on 8 November has caused many controversy as a lot of people have taken to social media to question his source of wealth.

Some people even claimed that he has a snake that spits money, but some of Ginimbi friends have rose to his defence saying, why did people not question his source of wealth when he was alive.

One of his friend, Ronald Muzambe in a statement said: "Everybody has 36 years to know and understand Ginimbi and his many sources of wealth. If nobody questioned him when he was alive, why are they now saying different things now when he's dead?"

Muzambe said people should free the dead and let him die in peace. He adviced that people should gather the small human feelings they have to send off the legend and show respect to his friends and family during this difficult time.

Ginimbi gained popularity at the age of 26 as the supplier of liquefied petroleum (LP) gas. It was then that he began to throw party a little bit, before it turned to something big.

My Opinion: My people why not hustle and mind your business instead of poke nosing, looking into someone else business when you have a house on fire?

I come in peace ✌️ 

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