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Goodnews - The Prices of foodstuffs has gone down including Onions, See the new prices for November

It really became a thing to be worried about, seeing the fast increase in the prices of goods and services. More especially in an economy where workers are not paid much, the quest to survive becomes everyone's priority.

The last few days seemed to be the worst for so many people. In the sense that, you will go to the market with a budget and end up spending more than what you planned for. It's not a funny thing at all.

If we keep complaining, surely it won't put food on our table but instead we all should go for cheaper things in this trying period. Do well to read this article till the end and share to your friends.

Looking at the whole scenario of what has been happening in the country, I went into more research on how I can help my amiable readers. Then I decided to check for locations that sell cheap foodstuffs compared to others. That's Good news!

Do you know that in some areas, rice is being sold for #35,000 per bag? While in some areas you can get it for as cheap as #25,000. The aim of this article is to open your eyes so that if you have any relation that is living in the states I'll be mentioning, you can do well to buy and get it waybilled to you.

In these areas, the prices of foodstuffs have gone down including Onions.

Now read carefully till the end:





Beverage (Milk and Milo)

Palm Oil




Fresh Tomatoes

Please Share this article to your friends if it was helpful. Also note that this article doesn't call for insults, these are prices I verified before making the post. One thing you should know is, it may increase as the day goes by.

How much are these foodstuffs sold in your location?

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