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Great News Coming From Donald Trump To Americans and World at Large

Donald Trump has finally revealed a great news to his supporters and the United States of America as a whole, and it's something the country needs to rejoice about because it seems like a breakthrough for him. 

Since the election, Donald J Trump has somehow forgotten about his leadership role in the country, as all his posts and tweets were centered on making sure he comes out victorious in the election.

Even after the results were announced it all became worse. He didn't want to accept the results, rather he was ranting on all social media platforms, explaining how he was the winner of the election but he got robbed off his position. 

But today, he has finally left the issue of the election, to face his responsibility as still the president of the United States of America, he related a good news to the citizens concerning the coronavirus vaccine, and how it's 90 percent effective and it's coming soon to the country. Indeed this was a great news, because the COVID-19 hasn't left the country and some part are still on lockdown for what they called the second wave of the Virus.

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