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He Must Be Arrested! What a Pastor Was Caught Doing To Ladies In His Church Goes Viral [Opinion]

The path that Christianity as a Religion is going of nowadays, has become a thing that is bothering me and disturbing my spirit. 

I have asked myself several times, how did we arrive hee in the world of Christianity, and the religion that we're practicing today, is it the same that our founding fathers in the same faith practiced, or is there any other doctrine that was scraped off from the scripture that was used by our early forefathers, who ran the race of Christ and died and Saints. 

Because the manner at which some Men of GOD go about the teachings of the gospel, is now becoming scary and tragic to my kind of person. How can a pastor stoop so low to do things that displeases GOD his maker, and so things that is very unspeakable and condemning before the sight of GOD and even before the sight of men. As a Man of GOD, there are things that you shouldn't do because the way it will draw the attention of the general public, and the sight of the entire Christendom will either make or Mar you.

Many Church goers are so blinded that the only thing that they can do, are the things that they spiritual father's tell them to do. I'd they spiritual Father tell them to forsake their marriage, they will do that without having a rethink of even pray over it, if he tells them to quit their ji, that is what they will obey and likewise other instructions that they follow, all in the name ke being and obedient servant, hence they follow them sheepishly like a lost sheep. 

I want to use these opportunity to tell my fellow South Africans that, GOD is Every where and he is even more closer to use more than the clothes that we put on. Thus, he can hear and answer us when we call to him, so debunk the mindset that it is only your pastor that will pray for you and GOD will answer your prayers and solve your problems.

I was strolling down the internet just this morning when I came across some disheartening and disturbing pictures, of what a so-called man of GOD was caught doing to some ladies and men inside his church, and the story has gone viral on all social media platforms. As it can be seen where an unidentified Man of GOD was giving his church members Alcoholic drinks to drink, right inside the Church while the service was going on. Personally I was shocked as to why he could do this extend to this type of thing. I decided to share these on this platform, so that my Christian brethren will also see this and judge it by themselves.

More also, he was seeing giving then some thing that is believed by the source to be "sausage", in otherwords once he give them the sausage to bite, then he will offer them the alcoholic drink to wash it down to their stomach.

Now my opinion is this, these type of men of GOD should be Arrested and detained, so that it will serve as a warning to other people that are deceiving people all in the name of worshipping GOD.

What is your thoughts on this, are of the same opinion with the author that this man of GOD should be arrested and detained by the Police?

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