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Help oo! My Brother and His Wife Are Always Shouting and Fighting

There is an old Igbo saying that says you should stay out of a couple's quarrel because they might use you to settle their differences. The saying comes across as wise but it begs a lot of questions. What if one half of the couple is your sibling? What if they are screaming and embarrassing each other in public or worse, getting physical with each other? 

A squad member put out an SOS on the Opera News Squad about her brother and his wife that fight constantly. She says some people informed her that couples that fight constantly love each other a lot. Which is really bizarre, no one expects 'fighting' to be a love language in marriage. 

Getting involved would be difficult because both parties would not want a biased referee, her brother's wife would definitely be wary about his sibling playing judge and jury in their fights. So she has to come up with a way to stop them from fighting consistently without interfering in their marriage. 

How would she help them resolve their issues without interfering in their marriage?

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